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In addition to airframe and power-plant repairs and service, MidAmerica Aircraft Services also has an in-house full-service avionics lab that specializes in the installation, repair, and testing of aircraft avionics. While most repair and service facilities have to send out their avionics work which leads to higher pricing and longer service time, we’re blessed with the ability to offer faster turnaround times and more cost-effective service. This gets your aircraft back in the sky, and when combined with other repair services, it saves you a little money as well. Whether you are wanting us to repair or inspect your avionics to make sure that they are in proper, performing order, or you are desiring newer technology installed within your aircraft, our avionics team is more than capable and are ready to meet your needs.


Avionics Repair & Installation Capabilities:

  • RVSM Certifications
  • 24 Month Altimeter and Transponder Cert.
  • G3X
  • COMM Transceivers
  • Transponders
  • EFIS – Glass Cockpit
  • Multi-Function Displays
  • Used Avionics
  • Electrical/Lighting
  • Altitude Encoders
  • Audio PanelsAutopilots
  • ELT
  • Antennas
  • Nexrad & XM Datalink (Weather)
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Installation Supplies
  • Custom Packages
  • Traffic Avoidance
  • Radar Altimeters
  • Electrical System
  • Aviation Accessories
  • Kit Panels

Some of the MANY Brands we work with…

Rockwell Collins

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