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You worry about flying safely…
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Check out this Cirrus SR22

Professional Aircraft Management Services are usually only available to fleets and airlines with several aircraft to keep track of, but MidAmerica Aircraft Services is making such services available to EVERY type of aircraft owner. Whether you have one single-engine Cessna 150, or a Fleet of Embraer Phenoms, we can manage your aircraft for you, allowing you to focus on the duties of safe flight.

Keeping proper track of inspections; service bulletins; repairs & related logs; avionics software updates, and even the cleanliness of an aircraft can be a lot of trouble, and it often takes the joy out of owning and flying such an investment. That is where we come in…. we can take all of that hassle off your hands and let you get back to enjoying the most fun part of your aircraft: Flying it! 

In addition to Maintenance Management, we can also manage the Rental of your aircraft if you plan on renting it out for any length of time (for lessons, or to fellow pilots). We can keep track of the hours flown, the fuel used, and all of the billing and paperwork that goes hand in hand with aircraft rental.

Let MidAmerica Jet manage your Aircraft

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